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Know What You Want

This is your 90-minute intensive. We’ll deep-dive into your business and identify those places where you can make empowered choices to move forward. We will level-up your persistence pieces (empowered women do NOT give up), and we’ll look at exactly how you’re owning your unique abilities and gifts in the world (and if you’re not, then we’ll fix that). In other words, we’re going to slay your mindset demons. When we’re finished, you will have a practical plan for growth and tools for your personal toolbelt so that you can continue to rock it out!  $497

Unhooked Life Theme Song

This is really when the awesome sauce gets up in it! I’m your Theme Song Siren. Have you ever thought it would be cool to have an award winning songwriter write a song just for you? What if she happens to be a Dove Award winning songwriter who has had songs on Grammy nominated records? And then what if she THEN gets some of other super cool award winning writers and musicians involved and they all create a fully produced demo of your very own song? Oh, wait! I’m talking about me. And this is as cool as it sounds. $997.