I believe we each have an unfathomable capacity to create the life we secretly wish we had.

We each hold our own unique rock, and we get to throw it in the river whenever we want.

And that one rock will create an impact in the water that our naked eye cannot even follow.

The question only you can answer is when do you know it’s time to unhook that rock you’ve been carrying and release it?

When do you finally let go and start making your mark?
As a disability advocate of over 20 years, I’ve met a lot of good people who’ve given up on releasing the weight of the rock because it felt too heavy. It was simply too hard to throw down.

I mean, don’t they say the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t?

Well, as a person who was born with a disability, I also have little tolerance for excuses. I was not even supposed to be able to walk without a brace, Gang. (Please. Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!!)

I’m not good enough?

I don’t deserve the life I want?

Yeah, that doesn’t really fly with me.

Now listen, I don’t think I have it all figured out. But I do know beyond any shadow of doubt that we are free to leave our boring and unsatisfying lives behind.

I’ve done it.
Was it easy? Not really.
Was it worth a little discomfort? Without a doubt.

And after working for over 20 years for countless people who felt beaten down by others and who didn’t feel deserving of anything better, I know I can teach you who are sitting on the sad side of the table how to get past your inner judges and critics.

I can show you how to advocate for yourself so that you can leave behind the dark and dismal places.

If you’ve ever felt like you needed a champion–someone standing on your own personal sideline coaching you through your self-sabotage and self-doubt–then I’d love to hear from you.

What would you do if you had your own personal cheering squad?

Seriously, what kind of life would you create for yourself?





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