I had 6 coaching calls today.

It’s funny how the coaching days seem to bring a theme.

Today’s theme was, “Ask for What You Want.”

Years ago I wanted to write for a particular publishing company here in Nashville. At that time, it was the best company for what I did, and I was already co-writing with most of the staff writers there.

The day I decided I wanted to be signed there, I stopped parking in the “visitor” spots.

Why? Because I was NOT going to own being a “visitor.” I was a songwriter who wrote there.

That’s how I started to change my position at Brentwood Benson from guest writer to staff writer.

Then, after a few more months of working with their writers, I wrote a letter to Holly, the song plugger I worked with most.

I told her that I wanted to be clear: I wanted a staff writing position there.

And while I showed up and did the work, I believe with everything in me that my writing deal came because I stopped acting like I was an “outsider” (via the parking lot first), and I was clear about my intention.

Whatever it is that you’re hoping will happen for you right now, I just want to know if you’ve actually asked for it?

I mean, let’s assume you’re showing up and doing the work.

But have you ASKED for it?



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