I am a dog lover.

(I would also call myself a foster failure and a total sucker for a sob story, which leads us to the reason I currently have four dogs.)

But, I digress.

Bernice is my 9 year old pug. Her full name is Bernice Renae Pants—I have no explanation. It’s just her name.

Bernice has a disability (of course, right?) in that she has lesions on her spine, and they cause her paws to drag when she walks. She actually has little paw ‘balloons’ she wears to go on a walk around the block to keep from skinning her toes.

I paint that picture for you so you understand that when Bernice wants to hurry, it’s no small task.

Ever since she was a puppy, when I come home from a long day I ask, “Who deserves a treat?”

Not who wants a treat, but who deserves one.

And ever since her little pug head was so big she literally fell forward into the food bowl when she ate, Bernice has ALWAYS been the first one to step up and announce that she does, in fact, DESERVE a treat.

Today I walked in the house, asked who deserved a treat, and she took off ‘running’ toward the treat spot.

Per usual, she never stops to consider whether she should or shouldn’t get one, she just goes into full waddle/drag/run to her treat spot, and barks till I accommodate her.

And it got me to thinking…

How often do I step up and ask for what I deserve?

OR, on the flip-side, how many times do I think over-think and drag out my decision by considering it from all angles before I mumble with uncertainty, “Yeah, I think I’d like that…maybe…”

How often do you?

Today I want to invite to channel your inner Bernice Renae Pants.

Ask for what you want, and don’t, even for a second, doubt that you deserve it!

Be like Bernice.

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