Yesterday was a day of songwriting and studio work.

We wrote a song and decided in the moment that we needed to get it demoed immediately since we had a producer asking for it, and we felt like we could at least get a strong hold if we hurried. I played to a click and only half charted the song, but I was still able to fly the chorus…


Unless you have a studio background, you were probably reading thinking, “Belinda, have you forgotten who you’re talking to? Have you lost your mind?”

(Girl, I lose my mind all the time, but I digress…)

The point is, I fully understand everything I said because I work in it.

And I use this example for you all because the way you just felt when you were trying to read the first few lines?

Yeah, that’s how your readers feel when you’re not talking to them.

Our coaching industry has it’s own language and not everyone else understands it.

Examples of words my non-coach friends don’t understand:

Holding the space. (…that’s their favorite one.)

However, even though everyone doesn’t understand those words, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. It certainly doesn’t mean they don’t need to. Your work matters, and your potential clients need to know what it is.

My challenge to you today is to make sure you’re talking to your people in a way where they get you and what you do.

Otherwise, they’re turning their mental channel.



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