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This Is My Story

My name is Belinda Smith.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. (Love my town.)

I am not related to Belinda Carlisle. Yes, I’ve been asked. A lot.

I banned Nutella from my home. I’ve had it twice, and I like it too much.

I have a pug named Bernice, a corgi mix named Millie, and two new rescues named Jack and Webster.

The more humid the weather, the bigger my hair.

I’m a songwriter.

I have never visited Philadelphia and seen the sun at the same time.

I’d pick the ocean.

I was the homecoming queen. (lol!!!!)

I have the best friends.

I’m a certified BARE coach.

I have the best clients.

Spy novels are my favorite.

I lose my keys every day.

I’m an advocate for the disabled.

I lose my phone every day.

My favorite TV show is “Designated Survivor.”

I grew up in the State of West Virginia.

I was baptized in the Ohio River.

I took piano lessons for 13 years.

When I try to meditate I fall asleep.

I have a physical disability.

My Grandpa was a preacher.

Awkward humor is my favorite.

I went to Italy alone. On purpose.

Morning people are a mystery to me.

My favorite radio station is NPR.

I have loved.

I’m an introvert.

I cry when I’m mad.

I don’t get mad very often.

I accidentally subscribed to Golf Digest once. I don’t play golf.

My personal soundtrack song is, “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina & the Waves. (Sing along!)

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Build the What and How around the WHO

Build the What and How around the WHO

Who do you want to be in the world? That’s a question I ask a lot of my new clients. Not “what” do you want to be. WHO? Yesterday a man struck up a conversation with me at the coffee shop. I felt like he was watching me, but I was in front of a window working so I...

Even when your dog tries to sabotage you, show up anyway!

Even when your dog tries to sabotage you, show up anyway!

I was so honored to be included as a speaker at a coaching forum for Susan Hyatt in Savannah, GA. In true form, I put off booking my flight till it was really too late (because driving or flying was so close), and I finally decided to use my free rental days and drive...

Intentions:  got one?

Intentions: got one?

A few years ago, I was working with a client and I asked her to make a list of people she would like to collaborate with. I told her that even if it felt impossible to get to them, I wanted her to write it down. We were setting intentions. She was skeptical. She had...

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