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My name is Belinda Smith.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. (Love my town.)

I am not related to Belinda Carlisle. Yes, I’ve been asked. A lot.

I banned Nutella from my home. I’ve had it twice, and I like it too much.

I have a pug named Bernice, a corgi mix named Millie, and two new rescues named Jack and Webster.

The more humid the weather, the bigger my hair.

I’m a songwriter.

I have never visited Philadelphia and seen the sun at the same time.

I’d pick the ocean.

I was the homecoming queen. (lol!!!!)

I have the best friends.

I’m a certified BARE coach.

I have the best clients.

Spy novels are my favorite.

I lose my keys every day.

I’m an advocate for the disabled.

I lose my phone every day.

My favorite TV show is “Designated Survivor.”

I grew up in the State of West Virginia.

I was baptized in the Ohio River.

I took piano lessons for 13 years.

When I try to meditate I fall asleep.

I have a physical disability.

My Grandpa was a preacher.

Awkward humor is my favorite.

I went to Italy alone. On purpose.

Morning people are a mystery to me.

My favorite radio station is NPR.

I have loved.

I’m an introvert.

I cry when I’m mad.

I don’t get mad very often.

I accidentally subscribed to Golf Digest once. I don’t play golf.

My personal soundtrack song is, “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina & the Waves. (Sing along!)

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…my first impression of you

…my first impression of you

I stand in the line every two years. In the State of Tennessee, if you have a ‘disabled parking placard’ for your car, you have to show up in person to have it renewed. I never got one until my orthopedic doctor here said, “Why don’t you have one? Don’t you get soaked...

…what if your freak flag is a total non-freak flag?

…what if your freak flag is a total non-freak flag?

Let's talk about owning our story this week.   When it comes to trying on your real- life story, I suggest these 3 things:   1. Be honest to a fault. There is no wrong way to tell your truth. 2. Remember your story isn't 'you.' Your story is a piece of your...

Is it time to throw your rock?

Is it time to throw your rock?

I believe we each have an unfathomable capacity to create the life we secretly wish we had. We each hold our own unique rock, and we get to throw it in the river whenever we want. And that one rock will create an impact in the water that our naked eye cannot even...

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