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What is Life Coaching?

Hi, I’m Belinda Smith, I’m a certified life coach, and I’m the founder of Unhooked Life.

Ok, I admit it. I was a skeptic. Life coaching? Are you serious? (please don’t be serious.)

Next, I ended up in a group of Life Coaches. (don’t ask)

Wait…are they for real? I can control how I feel? No, ME? (pleeeeaaaase!)

Then, it was on. I started applying what I was noticing. All of a sudden I was DECIDING how I felt. I started CHOOSING my thinking. It was empowering and scary all at once. But I couldn’t deny it was happening, and my life experience was changing.

Imagine…choosing how you feel? It’s possible, right?

Actually, it’s not only possible, it’s DOABLE.

I know because I’ve done it. Time & time again.

So, I decided to get certified because, frankly, this is the STUFF. This is the stuff I wish I would’ve known all along.

This is the STUFF!

And now I work with amazing women and smart men, and we get through the blocks and into the AWESOME. Because that’s just how we roll.

You know that ‘thing’ you’re dying to do but keep putting off? And you’re not even sure WHY you’re putting it off? I can help.

Do you want to be more fulfilled in your work? I can help.

Need to figure out how to stop feeling so dang overwhelmed all the time? Yep. I can help with that, too.

Want more money? (Here’s a hint: you’ve got to figure out the story you tell yourself about money first.)

Enough avoiding the ‘subject.’ Enough worrying what someone might ‘think.’

It’s YOUR life.

It’s YOUR experience.

It’s YOUR time!!!