YOU get to choose how you show up in the world.

Stop waiting for PERMISSION!

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I’m Belinda (also known as the Theme Song Siren!) I help purpose driven women to slay the mindset demon and finally show up fully for the results they want.

Let’s face it. You’ve already done your research and you’ve been actively getting a lot of the nuts and bolts to build your business. You just keep getting stuck…and you’re not exactly sure why. I mean, why don’t you just do it already? You know ALL THE THINGS, but they just don’t seem to be happening.


It’s time to get Unhooked!

…unhooked from every single thought that’s holding you back from putting yourself in front of the world in a big way.

…unhooked from the weirdness you feel because you’re not sure what your friends and family think about you being an entrepreneur.

…unhooked from all the junk you tell yourself about why you can’t make money in your business.


Because WHY NOT YOU??????????


Would you like me to let you in on a secret?

The truth is the only reason it’s not you…is because you don’t yet believe it CAN be.

Welcome home, my friend. I’ve got you.


As a Mindset Mentor, I am literally on the planet to help you build and sustain the business of your dreams. I know, right?

Through consistently making empowered choices, relentlessly persisting and completely (100%) accepting that you are here with your unique set of skills and talents for your exact purpose, my clients unhook themselves from the mundane and achieve what they only dreamed of–#1 songs, publishing deals, $40,000 creative contracts…yes, they get what they want because they finally start to KNOW it’s possible for THEM.

I have a degree in Public Relations, a successful record as a Disability Advocate, a Life Coach certification and 20 years as professional songwriter in the music biz with six #1 songs, songs on Grammy-nominated records and a Dove Award–not to mention a previously successful business coaching songwriters- to show you that I KNOW how to make connections and grow a business from nothing. …or, well, a benign acquaintance with a drummer. (In full transparency.) To find out more about my story, click here.


I can help you.

I’ve got you.

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